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Celebrate Mesa!


We had a great time with Dr. Chaffee at Celebrate Mesa! Dr. Chaffee is an amazing pediatric dentist who obviously knows a lot about children if he brings princesses along to paint faces for anyone who wanted to stop in. Plus he gave out some pretty amazing swag! If you were fortunate enough to stop in during Celebrate Mesa, you are rewarded!

The weather was perfect! Sunny, but not too hot. The princesses not only painted faces, but they did performances and Belle read stories. They also interacted and took pictures with everyone.

We loved meeting all of the cute children and parents! Anna had a special experience where she got to use her sign language and the little girl was so excited to get to sign with Anna. Anna is taking a sign language class, and seeing the smile and excitement on this little girls face was a sweet experience for her.

Elsa also came and was continually asked to make it snow and cool everyone down. She proclaimed that there is just too much love in Mesa to make snow. Love thaws.

Mesa has an amazing community and we were so amazed by the kindness and love we were shown by all who stopped in. We also loved working with Dr. Chaffee and his office, they were all so nice and amazing to work with.

After Celebrate Mesa, the princesses requested to stop by Chick-fil-A. A perfect end to a perfect day!

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