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Gorgeous Decor!

We want to make your party and event experience easy and magical. We have asked Jarman Farms Events at to create custom decor for our princess parties. Kelsey is so talented and went beyond my expectations. We love what she came up with!

Isn't this breathtaking! Kelsey thought of everything! Look at the details she added and see what you can find that reminds you of this princess's story. Set your cake in the center of this table and you will have a very magical backdrop for your next party or event!

Look at the Frog Princess Decor! We love the sparkle, and the swamp flowers and plants. I can just see the lights from the lightning bugs. It's the perfect mix of princess and frog. We also provide decor for your table. What little girl would not love to eat at this table! Ok, I want to eat at this table!

Absolutely stunning! Kelsey captured the magic of Cinderella. The clock, her bird friends, pumpkins! She is the fairy godmother that transforms your party into a princess heaven!

There is more where this came from. We have decor for each princess. So go to our website and find the character and event package you want and email or call us today at 703-344-8737 to reserve your special day!

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