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Happy New Year!

What do you do with a talented, creative daughter who loves singing, acting and princesses; a stay at home mom who loves throwing parties, supporting her children and learning new things; and a dad who is a CFO? You create Wish Entertainment! What a fun adventure we've had so far!

I have loved learning how to build a website, market, do email campaigns, create events and so much more. I have also enjoyed meeting and working with so many new and wonderful people along the way! Alyvia has had the best time creating the characters, choosing the costumes, finding talented actors and training them. She has especially loved performing and acting! Every event ends with "That was so fun! The kids were so adorable!" She also runs the social networking arena like a boss.

Since the birth of our company in October, we have hired and trained 5 talented actor/singers! We've performed at multiple events including Dance Studio C, The Academy, Hermosa Vista Elementary, The Soda Shop, "Noon Year's Eve" with the Scottsdale and North Phoenix Moms Blogs and Vertuccio Farms. We have also grown our Instagram and Facebook following and our community of supporters. It has been so fun and has been an incredible growing experience.

We are looking forward to 2019! Our next big event is the Royal Winter Ball! This event is not like those huge balls with 10 princesses and 1000 people where you catch a glimpse or get entertained by them from afar. It is also not like the amusement park where you wait to see that special someone for an hour and you get 1 minute to interact with them. This event is small, only 100 guests, it lasts for 2 hours, and your child will have multiple opportunities to dance with, interact with, and get pictures with multiple princesses and princes. Not only that, but you get to spend time with your family dancing and having fun. To say we're excited for this event is an understatement. You can buy tickets right now on our website.

Our goals for 2019 are to:

1. Sell out our Royal Ball Event. (Spread the word! Invite your friends!)

2. Get booked for at least 1 party a week.

3. Earn money to pay back our start up costs and then some.

4. Create the most memorable events for those who hire us and to go beyond their expectations.

5. Have fun! Because life's too short not to!

We hope you all have a magical year!


COO, mom and supporter of all things good and fun!

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