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How are we handling the pandemic?

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

How are we handling the pandemic? Just like we handle everything else, one customized party at a time. We want to make wishes come true and we know that can't happen with a cookie cutter event. We work with each client, to find out their needs and wants and we tailor our events to match. Virtual options? We have them! Birthday parades? We'll be there! Door visits? We love them! In home options? Yes! We make sure the client and the character are both comfortable with Covid-19 arrangements before we move forward and our party managers are there to make sure they happen. Don't let a pandemic ruin your fun. We have many options to help you celebrate your littles ones and give them magical memories to remember.

When everything shut down in March, and children (and families) lives were flipped upside down, we decided to try and spread hope and joy. We started doing Live princess storytimes on our Instagram page. Our characters had fun sharing their stories, performing and interacting with children each week as they tried to spread happiness during an unprecidented time. One of our favorites was tea time with Belle and Chip! The grey stuff actually was delicious! (in case you were wondering)

We want to continue spreading joy throughout all seasons of our lives, the easy times and the hard times. Give us a call or text us at 703-344-8737 to see what we can do to make your dreams come true. Sending warm hugs your way! We will get through this together!

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