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How do you celebrate in the heat of the summer?

Arizona summers can be brutal, but that doesn't mean that your parties have to suffer! We have characters that can handle the heat and ideas for bringing the party inside where the air conditioners can keep everyone cool!

Our swimming mermaids (Ariel and Coral) are perfect for pool parties! They teach mermaid lessons and play pool games that will make your party memorable.

Swimming mermaid, mermaid, water fall, swimming pool

Moana is an ideal summer party character. She teaches hula lessons and stays cool when the summer is hot.

Princess, Moana, Sea shell, ocean

Jasmine and Aladdin are use to desert heat. They know how to turn Arizona summers in Arabian nights with their fun games and amazing performance.

Princess, Jasmine, Aladdin, Magic Carpet ride, prince

Wonder Woman is a great super hero character for the heat! Super Hero lessons and action make her a fun party choice!

Super hero, Wonder Woman

Ariel in her walking tail and Prince Eric makes quite a splash out of the water with their fun games and performance!

Princess, Ariel, Prince Eric, Mermaid, sea shell

Spider-Man is always a hit! He flips and entertains inside and outside!

My recommendation for outdoor parties in the summer is to have them early in the day before it gets t00 hot, between 9 am-11 am. Make sure there is a large shaded area for the characters and guests. Fans and misters can also help a lot. Provide a lot of cold drinks like water, Gatorade and juice boxes in coolers full of ice for guests to drink whenever they need. Popsicles and melons are always fun and refreshing treats to serve on a hot days.

If the temperature will be above 108, move the party inside. No one will enjoy a party when it's too hot! If your home cannot accommodate your guests, consider renting out a space nearby. Many dance studios or community centers will rent out a space for a good price. Trampoline parks, KTR, Fat Cats and other indoor play spaces also host parties and our characters keep the kids entertained in the party room! All of our characters can do parties inside during the summer!

Now go have some fun this summer!

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