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How long does it take the princesses to get ready?

This is a question a few people have asked me, so I'd love to fill you in. It all depends on their hair! Some of our princesses have wigs and others use their natural hair. The average time is between 1 hour and 1.5 hours.

All of our princesses are naturally beautiful, and most do not wear the same amount of makeup every day that they wear as a princess. When they get ready, they spend a lot of time putting on their makeup to create that perfect princess face. They study how to put on the right eye shadow, contour and shimmer to create that perfect look. Lets not forget about the eyelashes!

Princess Beauty and The Frog Princess transforming

Next, they put on their dresses. Lets just say, now we know why princesses have personal maids to assist them all of the time! Most dresses are adjustable and look like a big shoe lace in the back, which is impossible to do up yourself! So after being laced in, which takes some time, they are ready for hair!

Natural Hair

Some of the princesses wear wigs because their personality and acting preferences fit the character, but their hair does not. Other princesses use their natural hair. Wigs are fast and easy, which is probably why most character companies use them. The natural hair takes time, bobby pins and lot of hair spray. But, it looks real and more authentic and we prefer to use natural hair when we can. I think the Snow Princess's coronation hair nearly kills me every time I do it, but it looks amazing and she loves it.

Princess Beauty's natural hair

Princesses Beauty's hair also times time to curl and create, but the end result is worth it!

After their hair is done it's time for hoop skirts (if needed), jewelry and shoes! One last check to make sure they look perfect. We don't use nail polish, and we make sure there are no hair ties on their wrists and do a final check for anything that might be out of place. Once they get the green light they're off!

The Frog Princess, Cinderella, Princess Beauty and the Mermaid Princess

All of that hard preparation and time is worth it when they get to spend time doing what they love! Every time they finish an event or party, they go on and on about how fun it was and how adorable the little children were. I think this picture says it all!

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