How do I Book an Event?

First, contact us through our website, email, text or phone call.  Tell us which character(s) you want, and the day and the time you need them.  Then, we will check the character's schedule and make sure they are available.  Next, our party consultant works with you to plan your event.  You will pick the amount of time and the activities that will be included.  Our party consultant drafts a party contract for you to go over and sign.  Once the contract is signed, we email an invoice to you for payment.  Once we receive payment, your character(s), date and time are booked and reserved.  Finally, we contact you the week of the party to confirm everything.  The day of the party, we arrive at the agreed upon time to create a magical event your child won't forget!

What happens at the Party?

On the day and time of the party, your character(s) arrive in costume and knock on your door.  They make a grand entrance with themed music.  From the time they arrive until the time they leave, our characters keep everyone entertained with themed games, activities, performances, interactions and any other party option you choose.  We send a party manager with your character to make sure the party goes smoothly. They also help the character with music and props so your character can stay in character the entire event.  We usually end with a coronation ceremony or super hero induction ceremony and pictures.  We leave at the allotted time and leave behind a wonderful memory to last a lifetime.  

Do you do events on Sunday?

We do not do events on Sunday.  We block this day off to give our characters a day to rest and relax and attend their religious meetings. 

Why Should I Choose Wish Entertainment Over Another Character Company?

There are many things that set Wish Entertainment apart from other character companies and guarantee you will get the best characters and event possible.

  • Every event has a party manager that accompanies the character(s).  They make sure each character looks impeccable. The party manager takes care of the logistics, the sound equipment and the props.  They make sure the character can stay in character the entire time and they make sure you get what you paid for by following the party timeline.

  • Each party has been planned out by the minute to ensure your event is full of fun, music and activities.  

  • Our party consultant works with you to plan your event, making sure you get exactly what you want.

  • We send you a party contract outlining the details of your event to ensure we are both clear on the details of the party.

  • All of our characters are trained t0 create the most authentic and fun experience for children.

Do Your Characters Perform?

All of our characters are very talented.  They sing and perform at each event at no extra cost!  The princesses and their princes have duets and choreographed routines.  Spidey does a dance/gymnastics performance.  We love to entertain and wow the crowds!

How far in advance do I need to book an event?

That depends on the character.  We take reservations months in advance.  The more time you call ahead the more likely you are to get the character and time you want.  We can however take last minute requests.  We try to accommodate the needs of each person who contacts us.  Typically people book 1 month to 2 weeks ahead.

Do I Need To Provide Anything for The Party?

You do not need to provide any props or games for the party.  We will bring everything we need including a speaker, microphone, props, craft supplies etc... Leave the entertaining to us.  You can focus on decorations, food and enjoying your guests.   A table and a chairs for the activity is helpful, but not necessary. ( for the craft, face painting, glitter tattoos) 

Do you charge a trip fee?

If your party is over 25 min from our location we will charge a trip fee of $35 or more. If your are more than 1 hour from us, we will talk to you about the travel fee. 

Do You Require a Deposit?

Yes, if your party is less than 2 weeks away we require a 100% deposit at booking to lock in your character, date and time.  If you party is more than 2 weeks away we require 50% at booking and the remaining 50% the day before the event.  We do this to make things easier on the day of the event.  No one has to collect money and the character can focus on entertaining and making your event amazing!  

Do I Give a Tip?

Tips are of course optional, but it is customary to give performers a tip.  If they do a good job, let them know! You may hand the tip to our party manager at the end of the party.  This allows the character to continue to keep up the magic until the very end.  The party manager will give the character their tip in the car.  Tips are usually around $20, but characters have been give more.  It depends on the amount of time the character performs and the amazing job that our characters do.  

Do You Have a Limit on the Number of Children Who Attend the Party?

No, we do not limit the amount of children in your party.  Our party consultant will work with you to plan the perfect party for the amount of children who plan to attend.  We do however charge extra for a few of our party options including crafts and glitter tattoos.  Both of these party options are available for free for up to 10 children with any 1 hour or longer party.  If you have more than 10 children, you will need to pay $3/ child for the extra children.   

Do You Have Any Covid Restrictions?

We work with each client and character to provide the level of restrictions that they both feel comfortable with.  Our character and party manager sanitize their hands before and after each event.  We also require that all characters and guests be free of fever and cough and that they do not have any sick family members at home.  Beyond that, we work with the client and characters to determine if the party is inside or outside, if there is 6' of distance and if masks will be worn.